Why the names? #frequentlyaskedquestion

Shane, the Irish kid with the shark tooth necklace in kindergarten, proved that just a name can give you a cool first impression.

My youngest brother was born when I was 13 and so did the realm of possibilities that opened up with naming this new much-loved human.

When above said human almost died at 3, I realized the power in the feeling a name can leave with you. Whether presently, or in memory.

Elvis and Reba and Shania and Regis and Cleopatra and Rocky and Adolf and Apple and Nike and Kanye have all taught me that a name can have history and create a legacy.

“A good name” is what most of us are striving after. Whether it’s in print or in lights or by word of mouth. (The rest are either in jail or don’t drink coffee.)

Simply: I love names, because everybody has at least one.

I’d love for you to follow along here on the blog, and also on Instagram. And YouTube. But not down alleys or to my car, for obvious reasons. Unless it’s to bring me coffee, and make sure I happily know you first.

And me?


I’m a name mentor and a coffee sipper. I started the first official account on instagram for names erry’day. I’m a part of a community of genuine, honest to goodness lovely people.

And I’m happy about it.


One thought on “About

  1. Hey do you do name consults? I’m adopting matched with a baby boy due in Feb. I like unusual names. My top two are Rhydian and Giovanni ( although Giovanni may be way too popular for me, just love the sound). I love Irish names but Declan and Liam are so popular. I’ve considered Stellan and Vincenzo but am not sold on either. My problem is that I like my girl name pick so much more than my boy names. I just want to love my baby’s name.


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