Happy National Pets Day!

Happy National Pet Day!

There’s a lot to think about as a parent. You’re teaching an individual how to walk into a restaurant and not turn tables, how to say hello, how to not die when no one is around to make food for them, etc. At least for me, I find myself saying no a lot. No, please don’t lick my face, etc.

But I want to say yes. And I want to look for ways I can.

A year ago the hubs and I went to @bassproshops which is always a treat, and obviously our son-dude Judah tagged along with us. And by tagged along I mean was trying to ring lead the circus with gusto, as kids were seemingly born to do. Kids have a way of living where their emotions are on the outside, with joyful leaps and cries and sensitivity and determination and sunshine. Walking through Bass Pro was no exception. And when Judah came to the huge bin of ginormous fish, he reached in and pulled out one tiny brown puppy that got lost in the mix.

And that puppy got hugged and smooched and promised to be taken home and we were informed his name was Chris. Joe and I looked at each other like, let’s see how this plays out.

Normally, after a few minutes the object of infatuation gets cast aside, but Judah was adamant about Chris. And by the time we reached check out, his tail tag got swiped.

I’m so glad we said yes. I could so easily have said no and put him back in the bin. I could have told Judah I had already gotten him a dozen stuffed animals at home he should be happy with. I could have said “not this time”. But I am so glad I didn’t, because one little brown puppy has become the very best friend of one little peachy boy, and the sweetness I see being fostered there makes me so happy to see what a great big brother he will be.

Happy National You Said Yes Day. 


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