Ughten, the sunride

A few months back I came across the word ughten, a Germanic and English word to describe morning twilight. There aren’t as many great U- names out there, and Ughten feels so special. Maybe because just a few short weeks later I got to experience it at the Adirondack Balloon Fest here in New York.

There’s not a whole lot out there about it. And it’s a word meant for poetry, and since I couldn’t find one, well, I wrote one. And hopefully it inspires some poet out there to write one too and say, “I can definitely do better!” 😛

Still in the dew from night
Like the fever that breaks at last
The pulse of the earth in its turning
The vow of light pulled up the mast
Valiant like a charge long won
Like the pause before a door burst open
The lean in the kiss of the sun

Heroes rise from their beds
The flag rising up from the low
The owls just turning in
The earth turns with the sun on its back
All is calm, all is ready, uncloaked and
The colors seep in through the curtains

He rides the steed into the sun
He lowers the shield into the blush
The fading, the mist, he rides up



And if you’re curious, here’s another video I took while I was in upstate New York!


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