First post, first comment!!!

If you’ve never seen that, you haven’t been on @instagram. And if you haven’t been on @instagram, maybe you’ve been on @youtube. If you haven’t been on @youtube, maybe you’ve seen it on blogs. If you don’t read blogs or know what they are, 1, How are you even here?, and 2, I hear there’s a sale at K-Mart for curtains for caves.

But honestly, I’m so happy you’re here. You are either here by accident, interested in names, or are wondering what in the world I’m pointing to. While I can’t answer one question, I hope to give you some inspiration and info about names, and that you will find your happening here not an accident, but what I’ve been referred to my whole life as… “a surprise”. No, really, a happy surprise. Wait, everyone, come back! Wait for me!!!

My heartfelt vision for this lil blog of mine is to talk names and stories and people.

Because, well, names. Everybody’s got at least one.


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