A is for brain-ache, Z for lack of sleep

Xanthe from @namestation on Instagram (I know, name jealousness), wanted to celebrate her time on insta with a tag. Peeps could write down their favorite names, from A to Z. The only catch was, to add middles that couldn’t be used more than once.

Easy, right? Sure, simple. I’ve got thousands of names in my head, I interact with names every day. No problem.

And then I got writer’s cramp and I had flashbacks of cramming for tests in high school.

Three coffees later.

That being said, it was a fun celebration with fun peeps, and now I have a list I’ve put off putting together for 6 years.

Arrow Moriah & Abel Jameson
Blythe Winslet & Beau Brighton
Cecelia Violet & Casper Jude
Della Daisy & Declan Crosby
Edna Harlow, Ellowyn Maisie & Ellis Grady
Faegan Fox & Finley Silas
Gwyneth Salomae & Gilbert Andrew, Gideon Andrew
Harper Holiday & Howard Hawk
Indiana Carys & Ivanhoe John
Juniper Anwen & Judah David
Kasia Wren & Koa Samuel
Lillian Rhys & Landon Judah
Magdalena Moore & Marco Leander
Nella Naomi & Niles Champlin
Odessa Blair & Orion Matthew / Matthias
Penelope Ruth & Pilgrim Everett
Quilla River & Quinn Radley
Rilla Gwen & Robin Clive, Ronan Josiah
Sally Maewyn & Silas Landon
Tessa Mae & Tennyson William
Una Sparrow & Ughten Pierce
Vesper Vivienne & Van Oakley
Winslet Nelle, Winona Meadow & Whitsun Alex
Xanthe Beatrice & Xman (every dude’s dream name, don’t even lie, dudes)
Yula Marian & Young Wyatt
Zosia Clementine & Zeke Tobin

You can see the post here.


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